Anxiety is like worry. It is an unpleasant emotion that most people feel at some time when they are faced with challenges.  Mild anxiety can help people perform at their best.   

But when anxiety becomes constant and intense, causing distress and interfering with your life,
then it is a problem. 

Anxiety can be physical. For instance a faster heart rate, faster breathing, sweating, shaking, muscle tension, queasiness in the stomach are commonly experienced. These symptoms can vary in severity.
Emotional symptoms include worrying about what other people may think about you and the anxiety never stopping.  Your thoughts can get stuck in a repetitive  negative and constant pattern. You may feel hyper-vigilant, edgy and overly sensitive or feel a sense of dread.

Anxiety can be associated with depression, causing low moods, sleep disturbance, loss of pleasure and joy in your life and a loss of hope.

These symptoms of anxiety can be sudden and intense as in an anxiety or panic attack and/or they can be experienced as an ongoing and underlying current of these symptoms and sensations. 

  • Counselling and psychotherapy helps you gain mastery and control over your symptoms of anxiety.
  • Your therapist will teach you strategies that with practice will alleviate your anxiety symptoms.
  • Your therapist will also help you identify and recognize the warning signals of your anxiety so that you can implement the management strategies before it takes hold.  
  • Together with your therapist,  you will explore factors that may be contributing to the anxiety you are experiencing.  This helps to consolidate your mastery over the anxiety so that it does not impact on your life in the same way.   

In seeing one of our Counsellors or Psychotherapists 
you will gain a greater sense of empowerment,
you will develop strategies

and resources that will give you mastery over your anxiety, 
and you will gain more control in your daily life.

Our experienced Counsellors and Psychotherapists are here to guide you through this process.
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