We know that experiencing trauma can stop us in our tracks.  Trauma can be any extreme event that overwhelms our coping capacities.  It could be the sudden loss of someone close to you.  It could be a traumatic event such as a motor vehicle accident or an overwhelming event at work.  Trauma could be experienced in the witnessing of such an event, a serious illness or surgery could precipitate the onset of a trauma response.  It could be a delayed response to an historical event such as sexual, physical or emotional and mental abuse.  The effects of the event may not surface until much later at which time the trauma symptoms that you are experiencing are very hard to understand or make sense of.

Some of the Symptoms of Trauma include:

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms you may be suffering from current or delayed symptoms of a traumatic event:
  • A recurring visual image of the traumatic event.  These are known as 'flashbacks"
  • Avoiding any situation that may remind you of the event
  • Recurring nightmares
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Feeling numb and withdrawn
  • Not wanting to relate to others
  • Things that you previously enjoyed no longer give you pleasure, or you simply 'can't be bothered' engaging with people or activities
  • Heightened anxiety and/or depression.
These are normal reactions to a traumatic event, but 'untreated' can create pain and suffering from current or delayed symptoms of a traumatic event. Sometimes the signs of Post traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD ) becomes apparent.

Telling your story in a safe and non-judgmental professional therapy environment is key in the treatment of trauma.  This can be difficult and takes time.  An understanding Counsellor or Psychotherapist  will work alongside you as you come to understand the impact that this trauma has had on you.

The Therapist will assist you with the distressing symptoms you are experiencing and that are effecting your everyday life.  Increasing your wellbeing, your ability to be in relationships with others, and your mastery of your everyday life, will help restore a sense of hope for a future that is not bound by the trauma that you have experienced.


Our experienced Counsellors and Psychotherapists are here to guide you through this process.

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