When our close relationships are working well, we know that makes us happy.  When they are not working well and communication breaks down, the impact affects all aspects of our life.  Conflicts between people can be deeply painful and distressing and may occur in any relationship; in marriages and couples, between friends, workplace colleagues and in families.
Despite trying to work these things out,  sometimes resolution requires a skilled professional to help you address the conflicts and underlying issues that you are struggling with.

​Common Relationship Issues:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Fear of intimacy and closeness
  • ​​​​Conflict
  • Sex and Intimacy
  • ​Parenting and family issues
  • Workplace relationship issues
  • Separation and divorce

Envigorate and strengthen your relationship with your partner and other people.
  • Reaching out for the help of a relationship counsellor can be done by either party of the relationship. Sometimes one person is more on board with seeking counselling than the other. Sometimes both recognize the need for this type of assistance in their relationship. Sometimes coming along on your own is very beneficial. These possibilities are all valid. A counsellor or psychotherapist can help you  through this process.  
  • Counselling and psychotherapy provides a safe place where you can start to think more clearly about what is happening in your life and relationships.
  • Your therapist will help you identify repeating patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour that are creating conflict and disharmony in your relationship.
  • Your counsellor or psychotherapist will help you increase your awareness and take ownership of what each party is contributing to the relationship, both positive and negative.  Becoming more aware of these thoughts, feelings and behaviours, allows you to change what isn't working and build on the strengths in your relationship.
  • In practicing stepping into the other's shoes, you will gain better understanding  of what it's like for the other person in any given moment.  This is known as empathy.  This is a powerful tool in any relationship and has the impact of creating a deeper emotional understanding of each other with less judgement.

Our experienced Counsellors and Psychotherapists are here to guide you through this process.
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